A word on the importance of quality personal trainer certification

With the increased adoption and acceptance of virtual fitness instruction, Jijo and its partner ACE, the American Council on Exercise, are committed to ensuring the industry adheres to the highest standards of excellence.  While virtual fitness has not only made fitness and health more accessible to all, in many cases, it has made fitness, health and wellbeing accessible to people for the first time, which is one of the many endearing positive attributes of virtual fitness.  

With the conveniences of virtual fitness comes the need to increase standards for safety and security. Clients need the assurance that personal trainers are properly certified to ensure their safety even though they aren’t physically in the room together..  This is why Jijo and ACE are partnering to help both educate consumers on the importance of credible trainer certification as well as provide resources to personal trainers looking to acquire and maintain registered certification credentials.  Jijo is committed to provide clients with transparent information on the current qualifications that personal trainers on our platform hold. This important step, along with Jijo’s requirement that all personal trainers undergo a background check and purchase liability insurance fosters a platform built on trust, transparency and excellence. 

The American Council on Exercise, ACE, is one of the oldest and largest fitness education, certification, research and consumer education organizations in the country.  Founded in 1985 under the name “IDEA Foundation” by Peter and Kathie Davis, IDEA’s founders recognized the need for standardization of education and professional credentialing in the fitness industry.  The effort was immense, bringing together some 50 different organizations, each with their own ideas of what was and was not important.  Among this group were nationally renowned experts in the field, including Dr. Kenneth Cooper (Cooper Institute), a partnership that continues today.  In 2003 the organization was granted accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for all four of its primary certification programs.  

Today ACE continues to lead the way in exercise professional certification, education and training, with over 90,000 certified exercise professionals and health coaches who hold more than 100,000 ACE exercise professional certifications.  

Through our partnership with ACE, Jijo will continue to provide consumer education on the importance of credible personal trainer certification, as well as the ability for exercise professionals looking to become certified with an introduction to ACE and its abundant education and certification resources – all at a 25% discount*.

About Jijo

Jijo’s mission is enabling every person to achieve their potential, one virtual class at a time.  Founded in 2020, Jijo recognized the importance and permanency of virtual fitness, but the lack of truly personalized platforms.  Jijo recognized that both client and trainer challenges weren’t being met by existing technology and platforms, and set about to deliver solutions for both.  For clients, this was being given answers, rather than having to find them.  For trainers, this was solving for new client acquisition, and having the tools and insight to help motivate and retain clients longer, better helping them achieve their goals. Jijo is re-imaging virtual fitness training, starting with you.

About ACE

ACE’s vision is to be the leading nonprofit advocate for achieving health through physical activity and other lifestyle changes by providing accessible NCCA-accredited certifications and scientifically rooted education to fitness professionals and health enthusiasts to significantly impact preventable, inactivity-related lifestyle diseases by 2035.  To learn more about ACE and ACE related education, certification and research, click here.   Exercise professionals interested in learning more about ACE certifications and the discounts ACE offers trainers utilizing Jijo should reach out to Leah Fett at leah.fett@acefitness.org or via phone at 800-825-3636 x734.

*or best available.