Jijo Jijo

Jijo’s Vision

Where the world comes together for health and wellness.

Jijo’s Mission

Enabling every person to achieve their potential, one virtual class at a time.

Jijo’s Values

IntegrityWe will always work to ensure an honest, open and ethical culture.
DiversityOur firm will represent the people and ideas of our community, respecting diversity of thought and diversity in people.
HonestyHealthy debate is encouraged, and differences accepted.
TrustWe will approach every interaction from the perspective we are aligned in our mission, and that we are working to support one another.
PassionWe will use our commitment and drive to inspire, we should always be moving forward and innovating.
AccountabilityWe will hold ourselves accountable to our colleagues, investors, and clients.

Jijo Origin Story

Like many of you, we’ve always had a difficult time sticking with fitness programs. When everyone was impacted by the pandemic, like many, our fitness suffered. Slowly, we started working out with trainers virtually, but found the interface impersonal and geared more towards video conferencing rather than fitness training. We tried the bikes, the mirrors, the phone apps, but in the end we realized what kept us going was the personalized motivation and accountability of a certified fitness instructor.

We also realized we were probably not alone, so we started doing research. And more research. And that led to conversations – lots of conversations. With trainers, with clients, with gym owners and investors, and after literally hundreds of conversations, we came to some conclusions.

1. Virtual fitness is here to stay

Even those eager to return to a gym are planning to keep virtual fitness as part of their routine. The pandemic has helped
people realize that they can get as good a workout, for as good if not a better price, in the convenience of their own home. Even
more important, virtual fitness has opened up healthy living to many who didn’t previously have access.

2. People are the best motivators and it needs to be personalized

Sure fancy equipment and artificial intelligence can help, but the best motivator is a fellow human pushing you to do that next
pushup, or hold that pose just a little longer, holding you accountable and partnering with you to help you achieve your best

3. It’s not about content, it’s about curation

The world doesn’t need another platform with countless classes to scroll through, just as the world doesn’t need another
platform that enables trainers to simply post or even stream their content. What clients want is the answer – the right trainer,
the right program for them, the answer to getting “fit” as they define it. And trainers want to be brought new clients – clients
they can help achieve their goals, so trainers can achieve their own.

With this in mind we set about building a new platform that would listen to and support the unique goals of both clients and
trainers. A platform that could empower people to achieve their goals – one virtual class at a time.

Our Name – jē-jō

Naming a company is tough, and finding an available domain name even tougher. But we started with a concept – a name that meant more than just fitness. A name that was memorable – even a little different.

Our founder spent time traveling, living, and working in Japan. He appreciated their discipline and attention to detail. Upon doing some research he came across the word Jijo (自助). The Japanese kanji characters for Jijo literally mean “self-protection”, and are often interpreted as “self-help” or “self-reliance”. Taking care of yourself and your family is often said to be the most critical piece of finding happiness. And with that, we knew we had our name. Jijo is all about empowering clients and trainers, helping them help themselves. Take the first step – start with you, let’s Jijo.